Friday, February 10, 2012

Goa- Valentine's Day

Goa, a state on the west coast of India, becomes the most sought after holiday place in winter. Millions of people not only from India, but also all around the world come and visit Goa to see the most beautiful beaches, churches, and temples of India. 
Lots of events are organized every year by hotels and clubs on the eve of February 14. This year, there is going to be a 3-day travel festival called Blue Valentine in Goa. Grand Hyatt is a hotel that offers delicious venue and menu as well. Private beach parties, snorkeling, cruises, and much more is waiting for both of you in Goa. 
Goa never sleeps and many bars and clubs remain open till the dawn on special occasions like these. There are beach shacks, where you can have passionate talks; markets, where you can buy exclusive gifts; and music performances where you can match the beats of the heart with your darling.

Hotels in Goa are known for their authentic Konkani food. You will get the best sea-food in Goa for reasonable bucks. Bogmallo Beach Resort and Dona Sylvia Resort are among the best five star luxury resorts and Baga Beach Resort and Aldeia Bello Hotel are among the cheapest hotels to stay in Goa. 
There are many tours arranged by different travel companies. Whether you stay in a luxury hotel or the shabby one; whether you spend your day travelling and visiting places in Goa or resting by the shore of the Arabian Sea; whether you drink the best wine and eat exotic, aromatic, and luxury food or drink local fenny and eat home-made fish curry; whether you spend your night dancing on a sparkling floor or by the windy beach, sipping wine with your beloved one, the fun and adventure is equal and the same. Goa treats you well even if you are not a type. 
The new address of fun, love, life, and adventure is Goa, India. If you have not yet visited Goa, this trip on Valentine's Day, for sure will write the most memorable page of your life's book.