Thursday, March 15, 2012

White Water Rafting in Goa

Goa is a small state situated along the western coast of India. Having been ruled by Portuguese for almost 450 years, Goa now is a multi-faceted and multi-cultured tourist spot. Goa has a vast coastline and so has long and beautiful beaches. Picturesque beauty of Goa beaches is the main attraction of Goa. If you are among those who know everything about Goa and visited every well-known place in Goa, here is a new location that we want to suggest to you. Have you heard of Dandeli?

Dandeli is a name of a forest and a river as well. Dandeli is situated 140 km west to Panaji in Karnataka state. The main attraction of Dandeli is a 9 km long journey in a river on a raft. The so called white water rafting is a great adventurous sport and loved by many. This journey takes around 4 hours. You go to the top in a jeep and with instructors and experts come down in the river on a raft. All precautions are taken and you do not have to worry about the river. After all this is not a famous river of no return from Monroe's movie! So relax, at some places the river is turbulent and look terrible. But this is what adventure is all about, and you will enjoy every inch of that river and every minute of the time for sure. Goa travel packages may not include this trip, but you must include this visit in your schedule.

You can go there in private buses or state buses. It is a one day trip from Goa, and you will be no less than amused by the kind of experience you will get in Dandeli and Goa, India